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Lanchester Readings 1914 to present

Lanchester Readings 1914 to present J. Schuler (Editor) Lanchester Readings 1914 to present John Schuler New Lanchester Strategy Review Dr. Onoda's Lanchester Theory: Science to win the competition, brings all the basic principles and theories that form the calculus and statistics of the Lanchester Laws together in a single volume. Although reading this book requires some special knowledge of mathematics, I strongly recommend it as a required textbook for the study of lanchester. I would like to express my deepest praises to Dr. Onoda for his hard work over so many years. -- Dr. Nobuo Taoka, author of Lanchester Strategy Volume 1 --This text refers to the Paperback edition. Product Description This book presents the interested reader/researcher a collection of all the various papers in the public domain published since Lancher's 1914 contribution. The publisher welcomes and submissions of papers and/or case studies of "Lanchester Strategy" for inclusion in the next edition of the work.In large sie 8.5 ins x 11 ins format, 17 articles, bibliography. Language Notes Text: English (translation) Original Language: Japanese --This text refers to the Paperback edition. About the Author J. Schuler is the founder president of Lanchester Press Inc., a publishing company dedicated to works by and about F. W. Lanchester (1868-1946) including the development in Japan of the Lanchester strategy of sales and marketing.

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Lanchester Redux

LANCHESTER REDUX Competitive Marketing Strategy based on Lanchester's equations of combat By John Schuler SEMI Market Statistics Department Published in Channel Magazine After a roller-coaster ride in the semiconductor industry this past few years and the expectation of more to come (DRAM price decline and the Asian Financial Crisis) it's a good time to stop and take a look back at the historic perspective. A short ten years ago, with the prediction of the imminent demise of the US semiconductor industry, the majors went wimping off to Washington for a dose of industrial policy (read money) and SEMATECH was formed. The collective wisdom was that with lower interest rates and devotion to quality the Japanese industrial juggernaut would sweep all in its path. The semiconductor industry is by no means a special case. How many other industries or sectors have joined the walking wounded after having their market share surgically removed? For a poignant view of the loss of market share and national pride, take a look at the article (Newsweek, April 13, 1998) by the Rt. Hon. Alan Clark, English parliamentarian for the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea and former minister for trade in the Thatcher administration. Clark bemoans the loss of indigenous automobile manufacturing in UK. He points to BMW and VW sparring over ownership of the last remnants of British automobile manufacturing, and "crown jewels" of the Rolls Royce Car Company. As Clark puts it, "forty years ago British Leyland was cranking out almost 500,000 cars a year, while today every major automobile plant is owned outside the United Kingdom." We have heard it all before, if only we had "lower amortization rates," if only we had "better R&D tax credits," [...]

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The Development in Japan of Lanchester Marketing Strategy

THE DEVELOPMENT IN JAPAN OF LANCHESTER MARKETING STRATEGY by John Schuler Manager of Equipment Programs Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International Summary The conventional wisdom has it that the Japanese economic juggernaut has been powered by low interest rates and workers fastidious attention to detail. But, a key element of Japan's success is also the development and application of Lanchester Strategy. Based on the equations of combat developed by the early automobile and aeronautical pioneer F. W. Lanchester (1868-1946) and published in his 1916 book Aircraft in Warfare [1], the Lanchester Strategy gives precise values for characterizing market structure and segmenting markets. The strategy also offers valuable insights into the defense and attack of market share positions. Several million books on these aggressive "military based" sales and marketing strategies have been distributed in Japan. Lanchester Strategy has enabled the Japanese to develop a powerful methodology for market penetration of its products in world markets that is unrivaled in the West. F. W. Lanchester (1868 - 1946 ) The British automobile and aeronautical engineer F. W. Lanchester, is a well known contributor to a number of different fields of knowledge: Automobile Engineering Lanchester built the first car in Britain in 1895 and was responsible for many of the key inventions of the automobile industry, such as disc brakes, power steering, fuel injection, four wheel drive, and dynamic balancing of engines. The Lanchester cars from 1901 to 1931 were the epitome of quality, reliability, and advanced technical features [2]. Aeronautical Engineering In the 1880s Lanchester conducted a number of experiments on gliders and small powered models. Using the methods of dimensional analysis (which he invented), he formulated the theory of flight. Lanchester published two books in 1907 on [...]

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