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Sales and Marketing Strategy for the Market Leader by Shinichi Yano – Volume 3

New Lanchester Strategy Vol.3 Sales and Marketing Strategy for the Strong by Shinichi Yano   [wp_eStore:product_id:3:end] This volume discusses strategies for the strong, that is the market leader. Companies that are in a strong positon should read it, of course, but so should their weaker rivals, somthey'll know what sort of strategies the strong might be using. You need to be able to "read" your rivals. When the weak know how the strong are operating, they can develop powerful strategies. By the strong, I mean market leaders, but there is more than one type of market leader. There are market leaders that are ahead of their nearest competitors by a factor of 1.732 [square root of 3 - Ed], and then there are companies without such a huge lead. Number-one companies tend to concentrate on defense, but they may fail to sense an oncoming crisis. They may become overconfident, and rest on their laurels. many of them want merely to stay on the safe side. Someone once said that defense is three times as much work as offense, he was correct. When a top-ranking company lets its guard down, its market share is bound to drop. Remember that defending your position is a matter of winning a succesion of battles. You have to keep winning. Also, when a strong company, regardless of its strength, has not yet become number one, it must go on the offensive to capture that position. This volume, like its predecessor, Volume 2, Strategy of the Weak, consists of six chapters. Chapter 1 discusses the matching operation. This means following, or imitating your rival, and is the strategy to use to counteract the differentiation strategy of the weak. The matching operation [...]

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Introduction To Sales and Marketing Strategy for The Weak – New Lanchester Strategy – Volume 2

New Lanchester Strategy Vol 2 INTRODUCTION TO SALES AND MARKETING STRATEGY FOR THE WEAK by Shinichi Yano (FOREWORD, from Volume 2) [wp_eStore:product_id:2:end] This is Volume Two of the three-volume New Lanchester Strategy. In it, we describe the strategy of the week. The New Lanchester Strategy includes strategies for both the strong (market leader) and the weak (second and lower market share). The starting point of stategy is, after all, the desire on the part of the weak to find a way to defeat the strong. Recently, diversification has led to increasing competition among companies engaged in disparate industries. Companies entering the fray for the first time need to implement the strategy of the weak. Even the strong would be well advised to familiarize themselves with the strategy of the weak in order to protect their positions of strength. This volume is a continuation of the story presented in Volume One. Supervisor Sakamoto remains the chief protagonist, and the story revolves mainly around him and his colleagues at Company W, a manufacturer. Other characters from manfacturing companies, retailers, and service industries are introduced in this story. We hope you'll agree that the merits of the comic book format are even more apparent in this volume. However, since this format does not allow us to go into great detail, we have provided a detailed summary at the end of each chapter, which we hope you wil take time to read. Chapter One Chapter One deals with differentiation strategy. Differentiation here means having something that the competition doesn't. This is the most basic strategy for the weak. Weak companies would be seriously mistaken to adopt the same strategies used by their stronger rivals. Since differentiation strategy involves having [...]

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Introduction to Lanchester Strategy of Sales and Marketing -Volume 1

New Lanchester Strategy Vol 1 by Shinichi Yano (From the Chapter one summary in New Lanchester Strategy Volume 1 ©1995 Lanchester Press Inc.) The Lanchester Strategy is based on the Lanchester Laws, discovered by the British aeronautical engineer, F. W. Lanchester. [wp_eStore:product_id:1:end] Lanchester was born on October 23, 1868, in London. He graduated from the Royal College of Science. At the age of 28, he built England's first gasoline-powered automobile. At 31, he founded a consulting firm, the Lanchester Car Company. He is responsible for many significant inventions in the automobile industry. Lanchester invented disc brakes, power steering, four wheel drive, fuel injection, low voltage ignition, and static and dynamic balancing of engines among the almost 400 patents in his name. Subsequently he was a member of the Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, and a technical advisor to the Daimler motor car company. He was also a member of the British Academy, a Doctor of Laws, and a honorary member of the Royal Aeronautical Society. Lanchester's career ended on March 8, 1946, with his death in Birmingham. His paper entitled "The Theory of Rotation and Lift," and a two-volume treatise on aerodynamics, "Aerial Flight," were published in 1907. These works were major contributions to the science of aeronautics at the time. The ideas proposed in these works were later incorporated into airfoil theory by the German physicist Ludwig Prandtl, and are still used today, known as the Lanchester-Prandtl three dimensional airfoil theory. After the outbreak of World War I in 1914, Lanchester, with great intrest, witnessed battles in which aircraft he had worked on were used. He became convinced of the need for a mathematical analysis of the relative strengths of opposing battlefield forces to describe [...]

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