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Lanchester Strategy an Introduction by Dr. Taoka.

Lanchester Strategy an Introduction by Dr. Taoka [wp_eStore:product_id:4:end] Lanchester Press is pleased to introduce this English language edition of Dr. Taoka's work on the application of the Lanchester strategy in sales and marketing. Chapter 1 explains the basic principles of the Lanchester Strategy as a military strategy. Chapter 2 discusses Lanchester Laws when they are adopted as a marketing strategy and explains the general principles as a science of market share structure. Chapter 3 shows examples of Lanchester Laws applied in terms of a regional strategy and in a distribution strategy and describes some examples. Chapter 4 describes the use of Lanchester Strategy for optimum effectiveness of the sales force and in dominating markets. Chapter headings: Fundamentals of applying Lanchester laws Market share science and theory as laws of competition Lanchester law applications and case studies The problem of organising sales and marketing power for attack Index Softcover, size 6.0x8.0ins, 203 pages, 14 tables, 6 graphs, numerous figures and illustrations four chapters. ISBN 1-57321-009-9 $38.00 Review Widely practiced in Japan, but understood by only a handful of business leaders in the U.S.A., the Lanchester Strategy is speeding around the globe because it defines how to be a winner in a global contest. If you want to understand the new economy, this book could be your most important book purchase of the decade. -- Dr. Ted Lewis Ph.D., author of The Friction-Free Economy published by Harper Business 1997. From the Author After publishing Sales Forecast in Competitive Markets, in November 1971, questions from readers on Lanchester Laws came pouring into my office. Many people inquired if there was any book that offered a simple explanation of these laws. This book attempts not only to respond to [...]

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Sales and Marketing Strategy for the Market Leader by Shinichi Yano – Volume 3

New Lanchester Strategy Vol.3 Sales and Marketing Strategy for the Strong by Shinichi Yano   [wp_eStore:product_id:3:end] This volume discusses strategies for the strong, that is the market leader. Companies that are in a strong positon should read it, of course, but so should their weaker rivals, somthey'll know what sort of strategies the strong might be using. You need to be able to "read" your rivals. When the weak know how the strong are operating, they can develop powerful strategies. By the strong, I mean market leaders, but there is more than one type of market leader. There are market leaders that are ahead of their nearest competitors by a factor of 1.732 [square root of 3 - Ed], and then there are companies without such a huge lead. Number-one companies tend to concentrate on defense, but they may fail to sense an oncoming crisis. They may become overconfident, and rest on their laurels. many of them want merely to stay on the safe side. Someone once said that defense is three times as much work as offense, he was correct. When a top-ranking company lets its guard down, its market share is bound to drop. Remember that defending your position is a matter of winning a succesion of battles. You have to keep winning. Also, when a strong company, regardless of its strength, has not yet become number one, it must go on the offensive to capture that position. This volume, like its predecessor, Volume 2, Strategy of the Weak, consists of six chapters. Chapter 1 discusses the matching operation. This means following, or imitating your rival, and is the strategy to use to counteract the differentiation strategy of the weak. The matching operation [...]

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