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1910 Lanchester Double Landaulet Car

Frederick Willliam Lanchester the "Leonardo" of the Machine Age F.W. Lanchester - the visionary and Renaissance man To say that the Lanchester was different hardly does justice to one of the most remarkable automobiles of the Edwardian Age. Even in 1910, its bug-eyed, hoodless appearance was so unorthodox that the directors of the Lanchester Motor Company in Birmingham, England, feared it would be spurned. Since the turn of the century, the long hood and cowl had enjoyed wide public acceptance in Europe. The Lanchester possessed neither of these features, and thus flew in the face of fashion. But that was nothing new. It's inventor was uninterested in how it looked as long as it satisfied his exacting standards for fleet, dependable transportation with optimum comfort for its riders. Frederick Lanchester was a Renaissance man whose visionary automotive achievements are reflected in many modern cars - seldom with any acknowledgment of their origin. His costly and smooth-running automobiles bore what came to be called the "Lanchester look." Depending on who applied the label, it was either intended to convey contempt or acclaim. F.W. Lanchester - the inventor As a young engineer who specialized in the development of gasoline engines, Lanchester's true interest was mechanical flight. To avoid being branded a lunatic, he wisely applied his considerable genius to an interim problem that he believed would advance the science of aeronautics. In 1895, after two years of careful study and experimentation, he produced the first serviceable four-wheeled gasoline car in England. He did it by studying and then improving upon what had been done on the Continent up to that time. Instead of relying on the components of others, however, he designed and built his [...]

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About F.W. Lanchester

Frederick William Lanchester 1868 - 1946 Frederick William Lanchester was a major contributor to the theory and practice of automobile engineering and aeronautical engineering. He also published works in radio, acoustics, relativity, music and poetry. Lanchester is honoured by an annual award in his name by the Operations Society of America. Lanchester's work forms the basis of modern automobile engineering, and the theory of flight. His equations of combat form the basis of the science of Operations Research. In Japan there have also been significant developments in marketing and sales strategy based on Lanchester's equations of combat. Engineering: 1890 Gas engine starter 1895 First all British four wheel petrol car 1986 Magneto ignition 1897 Automatic lubrication of engine, First go & no-go gauges 1998 Rack and pinion steering 1901 Pre-selector gear change 1902 Turbo charging, Disc brake 1903 The word "streamlines" 1904 Four wheel drive 1905 Dynamic balance of engine 1923 Fuel injection 1927 Purpose-built armoured cars Aeronautics: 1894 Vortex theory of lift 1896 Experimental gliders 1897 Stability in flight 1907 Aerial Flight Vol I Aerodynamics 1908 Aerial Flight Vol II Aerodonetics 1916 Aircraft in Warfare

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